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Staff Directory

 Able, Denise Family and Consumer Science Email
 Anderson, Dedra Special Education Email
 Anderson, Phil Social Studies Email
 Anshutz, Kris English Email
 Armbrust, Dave Science Email
 Armstrong, Eric Activities Director Email
 Armstrong, Kevin Assistant Activities Director Email
 Bain, Jennifer School Psychologist Email
 Bain, Trent Email
 Ballard, Larry Science Email
 Baxter, Matt Math Teacher Email
 Binns, Brad Social Studies Email
 Birzer, Marvin Counselor Email
 Block, Christine Special Ed CSS Email
 Bonds, Lisa Social Studies Email
 Boyd, Bruce Orchestra Email
 Brown, John Science Email
 Buchanan, Jessica Math/Spanish Email
 Buzzard, Danna Special Education Email
 Carithers, Amber English Teacher Email
 Clark, Tom PE Email
 Colle, John Science Email
 Davis, Janet Math Email
 Dieker, Loretta Special Education Email
 Dreiling, Randy PE Email
 Durham, Corey Science Teacher Email
 Eckert, Bret PE, Special Education Email
 Ellis, Kim Business Email
 Emmert, Annette Email
 Engel, Judy English Teacher Email
 Frisbie, Becky Special Education Email
 Garcia, Kymberlee Special Education Teacher Email
 Garcia, Mike PE Email
 Garrett, Kimberly Special Education Email
 Gleason, Leanna Broadcast Journalism Email
 Godina, Joe English Teacher Email
 Groves, Linda English Email
 Harper, Sean Math Email
 Henion, Erica Science Teacher Email
 Henion, Joshua Special Education Teacher Email
 Henline, Tobie Drama Email
 Henry, Nathan Social Studies Email
 Hilst, Rusty Math Email
 Horyna, Cheri Library Media Specialist Email
 Jester, Alisha Email
 Johnson, Glenna Social Studies Email
 Johnson, Tina PE Email
 Justice, Dawn Math Email
 Justice, Jamie English Email
 Knox, Cindy PE Email
 Koestel, Daryl Band Email
 Krehbiel, Amy Science Email
 Krol, Adam Social Studies Email
 Lee, David English Email
 Loewen, Toni English Email
 Lusk, Lance Assistant Principal (G-O) Email
 Mayfield, Ginger Art Teacher Email
 McCandless, Brian Science Teacher Email
 McFarland, Jeff Special Education Email
 McKinnis, Chad CAI Email
 McLaughlin, Ella Math Email
 Meggers, Sheila Math Email
 Miller, Aaron Physical Education Teacher Email
 Miller, Jack Science Teacher Email
 Montoya, Karen Family and Consumer Science Email
 Moreland, Jarl Vocal Music Email
 Morris, Jeff Counselor Email
 Nixon, Robert PE Email
 Ohnmacht, Karie Family and Consumer Science Email
 Patterson, David L. Assistant Principal, G-O Email
 Patterson, Janie Business Email
 Patterson, Kelly Building Trades Email
 Perrin, Dennis Computer Science Email
 Pierce, Charles Science Email
 Randolph, Donovan Foreign Languarge Email
 Ray, Todd Social Studies/IB Email
 Rayl, Lori Business Email
 Reeves, Chris PE Email
 Rice, Paula Assistant Principal 620-615-4120 Email
 Ringler, Debra Art Email
 Riveros, Lisa Instructional Coach Email
 Roehm, Ronn Principal Email
 Sellers, Anne Nurse Email
 Smith, Jean English Teacher Email
 Smith, Theresa Math Email
 Sorenson, Vickie Special Education Email
 Stacey, Steve Industrial Technology Email
 Stegman, Brenda Math Email
 Stutzman, Hillary Science Email
 Sullivan, Rene English Email
 Sunner, Terry Secretary Food Service Email
 Thomas, Scott Social Studies Email
 Thompson, Kelly Debate/Forensics Email
 Thurston, Travis Math Teacher Email
 Walenz, Lora Special Education Email
 Ward, David Industrial Technology Email
 Weber, Ron Math Email
 Whiteford, Patsy English Email
 Whittington, Russell Special Ed. Email
 Williams, Nancy Special Education Email
 Williams, Steve Journalism Email
 Wilson, Dale Counselor Email
 Wilson, Diana Special Education Email
 Wilson, Jack Computer Graphics Email
 Yantes, Lisa Social Studies Email
 Yantes, Scott Math Email
 Young, Jan Counselor Email