Hutchinson Middle School - 7
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Spence - FACS
Howard, E. - Technology
Mullins - Art
Colle - Computer
Ellegood, Myron - Weight Training
Ellegood, S. - Physical Education
Roberts - Spanish
Walenz/Corwin - Sign Language
Pelischeck/Phillips - Band
Hawkins - Orchestra
Shaw - Vocal Music

Chris Shaw is the new vocal music instructor at HMS-7 and HMS-8. He has developed by a vocal music handbook and calendar for 2012-13.
Handbook [pdf]
Calendar [pdf]

We are in modules. I am sure you heard how boring orientation is. It isn't my favorite thing either; it is a necessary part of learning how to work the modules. Orientation is done and the fun part now begins.
If your child has a bad grade on RCA's he/she did not use all the resources that are available. The RCA's are questions students answer at the beginning of a module. The questions are open book, they work with a partner, there is a hint book in their module AND they can ask me or the aide for help. Everyone should be getting a good grade with all that help.

Mrs. Pounds, Mrs. Cooper and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Please check out my Weebly page from time to time. I try to change what is on the page about every month or so (sometimes longer). I hope you find some useful information on the page.

Debbie Spence


Mrs. Johnson's Class

Students in Mrs. Johnson’s Modified Skills classroom at HMS-7 have been doing a lot of horsing around!! Wait, horsing around can be a good thing! Yep, the cowboys and cowgirls have been going to Reins of Hope to do most of their horsing around.  They have been riding horses in a therapeutic riding program on Thursday afternoons. Students, during the horsing around process, can learn to improve their concentration, patience, self-esteem and their relationships.  A huge benefit from therapeutic riding is that it becomes physical therapy by increasing circulation, balance, strength and control. They look forward to more horsing around in the Spring!   

Check out the class Weebly page:

Mrs. Johnson's Class