Report Fraud, Waste or Abuse

People have two major expectations of the government when it comes to their taxpayer dollars: that their money is kept safe and used wisely and appropriately.

Hutchinson Public Schools feels the same way and we do everything we can through our audits, procedures and good business practices to meet these expectations and ensure that proper controls are in place.

Throughout the District, administration, department directors, secretaries, business office staff and many other employees work constantly to prevent fraud and the abuse of tax dollars. However, despite these efforts, fraud does occur.

It is important for all of us to be aware of the various kinds of fraud that can be committed, and how to prevent them – especially within the District. We need to educate administration and employees about fraud detection, and offer support when they suspect and report irregular activities.

To help in these efforts, we are pleased to provide a direct telephone number for reporting of fraud situations. If you suspect financial fraud, abuse or corruption in the District, please contact Ray Hemman, District’s Public Information Officer, at 620-615-4029 or Molly Carson, Clerk of the Board of Education, at 620-615-4009.

You can also use the on-line form located below. We welcome anonymous reports, but those made by individuals who identify themselves make it possible to have a discussion if the facts warrant. If you do identify yourself but are concerned about possible retaliation, your identity can be protected. Anonymous reports may be made by filling in only the boxes with red asterisks. If you would like to receive a response to your report, you must include a valid email address. If you do not receive an “acknowledgement of receipt” email, please call 620-615-4029 or 620-615-4009.


Julie Stucky,

Ex. Director Fiscal Management and Business Operations