Staff members can now submit their own service requests in the new WebTMA system. Service requests are needed to track work requests and maintenance costs.  Additionally, service requests serve as a reminder of each technician's work queue, which enables them to provide service in a more efficient and methodical manner. Please remember to submit a support request for all Support Services and Technology Support issues. 

With the new WebTMA system, designated submitters are no longer required.  Each individual staff member may now submit and monitor their own WebTMA service tickets at  http://webtma.usd308.com/webtmanl 

To access WebTMA, simply go to http://webtma.usd308.com/webtmanl  You will then need to enter your username and password in the popup box (this is the same username and password that you use for Skyward).    If you receive a white page after logging in, you will need to turn off your popup blocker in order to access the site.  WebTMA works best when using the Firefox or Chrome browser.  If you are using Microsoft Edge or Safari, and are unable to access WebTMA, please try using Firefox or Chrome.

Submitting a service request is easy.  In the left sidebar of WebTMA, you will need to select the form for either Support Services Center or Technology Support Center, then just fill out the form and click "Save" (please note that your service request will not be submitted until you click "Save").