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​​​For students with last names A-D: Jan Young - 620-615-4111

For students with last names E-K: Dale Wilson - 620-615-4114

For students with last names ​L-RI: Jeff Morris - 620-615-4112 - Lead Counselor

For students with last names RO-Z: Carolyn Morris - 620-615-4113

Registrar: Julie Janzen - 620-615-4110

Social Worker: Tanya Martin Nisly ~ 620-615-4137

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Guidance and Counseling Services

Counseling services are available to all students during the school day, before and after school.  Counselors are available to help students with personal problems, choosing careers, changing schedules, educational planning, and other school related needs. Students will be assigned alphabetically to a counselor. Students who need to see a counselor should make an appointment with the secretary in the Counseling Center.

Counseling Center Fax: 620-615-4201

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