Bibliography Guide

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Note: On your Works Cited page, your sources will be listed alphabetically by the first word in your entry. The first line of each entry will be against the left margin. Second and third lines will be indented (hanging indent).


Books by One Author Author's Name. Title of the Book. City where published: Publishing Company, Date.

Wakefield, Norman R. Writing Good Research Papers. Grand Rapids: Fleming H. Revell, 2008.

Books by Two Authors Authors' names appear in the order they are on the title page.

Brown, Thomas J., and Robert L. Wright. Finding the Right Words. Boston: McGraw Hill, 2007.

Books by Three or more authors Name only the first author, then put the words "et al" ("and others").

Anderson, Robert, et al. Elements of Literature: Tenth Course. Austin: Holt, 2006.

Book by a Corporate Author

(not government publications)

Corporate name. Title. City where published: Publishing Company, Date.

American Medical Association. The American Medical Association Encyclopedia of Medicine. New York: Random, 2000.

Government Publication

(not online)

Government. Agency. Title. Place: Publisher, Date.

United States. Dept. of Labor. Child Care: A Workforce Issue. Washington: GPO, 2005.

Reference Book

(Encyclopedia, Dictionary)

Author (if known). "Title of Article." Title of Reference Book. Edition. Date.

Mays, William Q. "Babe Ruth." Worldbook Encyclopedia, 2006.

Anonymous Book Title. City where published: Publishing company, Date.

Holy Bible: New International Version. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1984.

Multivolume Work Author or editor. Title. Total number of volumes. City where published: Publishing Company, Date.

Pendergast, Sara and Tom Pendergast, eds. Bowling, Beatniks, and Bell-Bottoms: Pop Culture of 20th-Century America. 5 vols. Detroit: UXL, 2002.

Journal Article Author's Name. "Title of Article." Journal volume number. issue number (year): pages.

Barthelme, Frederick. "Architecture." Kansas Quarterly 13.3 (1981): 77-80.

Periodical: Magazine or newspaper

(not online)

Author's Name. "Title of Article." Journal date: pages.

(Note: date is written in military style "day month year" with no commas. Example: 10 Sept. 2009)

Gopnik, Blake. "Exploding Myths." Time 6 May 2002: 94-96.

Video Recording Title. Director. Distributor, Year.

(You may include other information that seems pertinent, such as writers, performers or producers between the Director's name and the Distributor.)

It's a Wonderful Life. Dir. Frank Capra. RKO, 1946.


(Broadcast or Published)

Person Interviewed. Interview with.... Name of Publication or Program. Publisher, Location. Date.

Bush, George W. Interview with Ted Koppel. Nightline. ABC, New York. 28 Feb. 2008.


(entire site)

Title of Site. Editor. Publication Information. Date of Access. <URL>.

(Publication Information: including version number, date of electronic publication or latest update, name of sponsoring institution or organization.)

Jane Austen Information Page. Ed. Henry Churchyard. 6 Sept. 2005. 20 Sept. 2008. <>.


(Online database)

Author. "Title of Article." Title of Magazine where originally published Date of original publication: Pages. Database. Date of Access. <URL>.

Tolson, Nancy. "March Madness." Sports Illustrated 3 Mar. 2007: 9-16. EBSCO. 1 Oct. 2008. <>.



Author. "Title of Article." Title of Encyclopedia Copyright date. Place of Access. Date of Access. <URL>.

McGinnis, Terri. "Dogs." World Book Online Reference Center 2008. Hutchinson High School Library. 30 Sept. 2008. <>.