International Baccaulaureate

Community Foundation makes grant to IBHCF logo

Hutchinson Public Schools wants to thank the Hutchinson Community Foundation and its donors for a generous grant to the International Baccalaureate Programme at HHS.

The grant is for $5,000 a year for three years to support the IB Programme. Money from the grant will be matched one-to-one with another longtime supporter of USD 308 -- the Davis Foundation.

The announcement came Thursday during the Hutchinson Community Foundation's 2013 Fund for Hutchinson grants.


  • Demanding pre-university course of study
  • Designed for highly-motivated students
  • Earned a reputation for rigorous assessment
  • Has shown IB graduates are well-prepared for college
  • Grading system is criteria based
  • Each student's performance is measured against well-defined
  • levels of achievement consistent from one examination session to the next
  • Offered in over 1200 schools in over 110 countries
  • Promotes organization and time management skills, strength in
  • oral & written communication, & a commitment to community
  • service & extracurricular activities
  • Geared for the highly motivated, hard-working student
  • Students may choose to go for the full IB diploma or may select individual courses.
  • A student taking an IB class MUST sit for the IB exam.

Selection Process

To apply, simply talk with the IB Coordinator and HHS counselor about the IB program.

IB Information

Download the 2019 IB Exams Schedule

What are some commone IB FAQ and Myths?

Discover what it means to have an IB Learner Profile.

Read the IB Academic Honesty Agreement

Get the 2133 IB Assessment Policy

Read The Conduct of IB Diploma Programme Examinations

Read the IB Language Policy

Read the IB Admissions Policy

What do graduates say about IB?

IB really taught me to manage my time. Before IB, I rarely studied and was able to do a million and one things. But with IB, I learned to pick the activities that were most important to me, and I learned how to say no. That made college easier, because I know how to study first and play later.

Rochelle Reinert
2006 HHS IB Diploma Recipient

IB has helped tremendously in adapting to college. The most important part of IB isn't the diploma but the study skills you gain from the program. While it seems like a lot of work at the time, it is worth it in the end. Plus, the fact that you made it through IB will give you confidence in yourself and respect from teachers because they will automatically know you are a hard worker. You also get the most dedicated teachers USD 308 has to offer. I am very thankful to have been able to participate in this program.

Katelyn Law
2007 HHS IB Diploma Recipient

The following sites will take you to a few area universities so you can see what each offers for IB exams.

Please use the following to check out other universities in the United States:

Contact Todd Ray
810 East 13th Ave.
Hutchinson, KS 67501