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Vision Statement
The library media program is to be an integral part of the instructional program of the Hutchinson Public Schools, dedicated to providing our school community with the best possible resources and services.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to promote active learning by assisting students to access, evaluate, and utilize information.  The library staff emphasizes to students both the importance of ethical conduct in a world increasingly dependent upon information technology and the obligation to develop high standards of academic behavior.

Library Media Dept
Hutchinson Public Schools' library media centers are the information hubs of the schools.  Stocked with books, visual materials, reference materials, as well as providing access to a variety of on-line databases, the school library media center provides students and staff with up-to-date information for class and research projects. Certified library media specialists teach students how to look for information, evaluate information sources, and use information to complete various classroom assignments. Providing assistance in locating resources for instructional activities is one way in which the library media specialist supports the classroom teacher.

Recognizing that students who read more become better readers, the school library media centers maintain collections of fiction and non-fiction books that address a wide range of reading levels and interests.  Several elementary schools and the middle school use the Accelerated Reader program as a tool to motivate students to read.  Elementary school students are given the opportunity to participate in the annual Battle of the Books competition, another reading motivation activity coordinated by the building library media specialist. Reading for pleasure is encouraged at all levels.

Our Location
The District Media Center is located in the basement of the Administration Center.  The DMC houses an extensive video collection and other instructional resources for use by all the schools in the district.  In addition, the District's Professional Library is located at the DMC.  Die-cut and lamination equipment are available at the DMC for staff use.  Hours at the DMC are 8 AM-5PM, Monday through Friday.  Cataloging and processing services for all the school library media centers are also housed at the DMC.


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