Special Education

The Special Education department provides services to children with special needs who are enrolled in Hutchinson Public Schools.  The department main office is located at 700 East 13th Avenue in Hutchinson, but services are provided throughout the district.

Director of Special Education - Jessica Engelland - 615-5502

Assistant Director of Special Education - Sherri Hart - 615-5503

Board Reports

September 2019

Special Education Communication & Social Skills Support Team

Helping students meet their communication and social skills potential.

Our Mission

To collaborate with parents and staff to meet individual student needs using appropriate interventions for communication and social skills in order to facilitate student access to and progress through the curriculum.

We are an interdisciplinary team of specialized educators including:
     Special Education Director
     Speech Language Pathologists
     Occupational Therapists
     Communication Social Skills Educators
     School Psychologist
We can provide:
     Formal and Informal Assessment
Schools within the USD 308 district
After student has demonstrated need as reported by staff and parents. (at level 3 of the MTSS process)
Complete CSS referral form. Referral is to be submitted to Jessica Engelland, Director of Special Education.