2021 Classified Employee of the Year Nominations


This award is open to all classified employees in the Hutchinson Public School District who have been employed in the district a minimum of THREE years at the beginning of the nomination period. An individual may be nominated who works full-time or part-time in any classified position.


Any administrative, certified, or classified employee of the district; any citizen residing within the Hutchinson Public School district, or any support organization affiliated with Hutchinson Public Schools may submit a nomination for this award. Nominations must be submitted online. The school district desires to have the widest possible participation in this program and to ensure that every classified employee who performs outstanding service has the opportunity to be nominated.


An individual who is nominated should perform his or her duties in such a manner that he/she significantly contributes to the functioning of the Hutchinson Public School district. The focus should be on the work done by the employee during the regular course of his/her employment. Outstanding employees will exhibit all qualities in the following areas:

1. Outstanding performance in carrying out duties

  • Works efficiently and diligently to complete duties in a timely fashion

  • Shows desire and ability to exceed established quality standards

  • Has excellent attendance and punctuality

  • Shows initiative in carrying out the duties of the job

2. Enriches and improves the working environment

  • Creates and fosters a positive work environment

  • Motivates others

  • Communicates effectively (expressive and receptive)

  • Promotes better education for students

3. Personal Characteristics

  • Exhibits a positive attitude

  • Demonstrates care and support for others

  • Possesses high goals and standards

  • Demonstrates consistency

The Process

Nominations will open March 3rd online, on the USD 308 website. Only online submissions will be accepted. Nominations will close March 12th. Click here for the online nomination form.

A scoring panel made up of seven ALT (Administrative Leadership Team) members will score all received nominations using a prepared scoring rubric. ALT members on the scoring panel will be: Director of Nutrition Services, Director of Special Education, Director of Buildings and Grounds, one secondary principal, one elementary principal and will be chaired by Director of Human Resources.

The top TEN scoring nominees (finalists) will then be submitted to the Classified Council Chairperson by March 15th. Finalists will receive a questionnaire, which, if they choose to participate, must be completed and returned to the Classified Council Chairperson by April 1st. The Classified Council will score the returned questionnaires with a prepared rubric at the April meeting. The top scorers will be called in for a personal interview with the Classified Council. The Classified Council will score the interviewees with a prepared rubric at the end of the interviews, which will determine the USD 308 Classified Employee of the Year. The Classified Employee of the Year and the nine finalists will be honored at the convocation in August along with the USD 308 Teacher of the Year recipients. The Classified Employee of the Year will receive a one-time additional personal day at the start of the following school year.