Kansas Mapping Request

Faculty, Staff, Student and Parents:

Kansas is creating a plan to expand broadband to every Kansan and asking everyone to visit https://broadbandks.com to take a quick online speed test and survey. The test is simple and will only take a couple of minutes to complete.

If you do not have internet service at your home or business, you can call or text 1 (913) 349-9555 and share your address where there is no service.

To take the speed test, just make sure you are on Wi-Fi (not just on your cell phone network) from your home or business.

  • The speed test will capture your internet speed, general location, and IP address, but will not record any other personal information.

  • You will also see a SURVEY button. The survey is optional, but we encourage you to take it. It will provide us with important information about how you connect, what training might be helpful, and how affordable your internet service is.

This may not be the first time you have been asked to do this, but it may well be the most important. It can help us prioritize the historic federal funding coming to Kansas! If possible, best results are obtained if you take 5-7 tests at different times of day with focus in the late afternoon or early evening since this is when you may experience the slowest service.

We know that this is a busy time of the year with school ending and summer beginning. We deeply appreciate your help in getting these tests done to share where the opportunities are to better connect Kansas.

Questions or want to learn more visit https://broadbandks.com.

Kansas Office of Broadband Development (785) 480-8555

Click here to read the full letter in English.

Click here to read the full letter in Spanish.