Students attending Hutchinson Public Schools remotely will have the opportunity to have breakfast and lunches each school day.

 The meals will be ordered weekly. The first week, though, will have only four sets of meals because of Labor Day.

 The order form for the meals is available at

 Meals must be preordered. To receive a meal package for the first week, the electronic form is due by 1 p.m. Monday, Aug. 31.

 The meals will be picked up from 10 to 10:30 a.m. at Hutchinson High School on Wednesday, Sept. 2 or from noon to 12:30 p.m. from Hutchinson Middle School – 7 on Wednesday.

The four days of meals for the first week include:

•    8 Cartons of Milk for each of the 8 meals: 4-1% White, 4- 1% Chocolate

•    Breakfast Entree: Cereal with String Cheese, Zee Zee Breakfast Bar, Fudge

Poptart with String Cheese, Blueberry Muffin

•    Breakfast Fruits: Juice for 4 meals, Applesauce Cup, Craisins, Banana, Apple


•   Entrée: PB&J Uncrustable with String Cheese, Deli Sandwich (this is an entrée & grain bread item), Bosco Sticks, Popcorn Chicken (Bosco Stick & Popcorn Chicken will come frozen with heating instructions)

•     Grain: Goldfish, Sun Chips, *Doritos & Graham Snack (MS/HS student only)

•    Fruits: Assorted Fresh/Canned Fruits *HS includes extra servings

•    Vegetables: Assorted Vegetables *HS includes extra servings

For students who qualify for free meals, there will be no charge for the meals. For students on reduced-pay meals, the cost for the four days is $2.80.

For students on full-pay meals, the cost is:

  • 6 Paid Meal Kit : $15
  • 8 Paid Meal Kit : $15.60
  • 2 Paid Meal Kit : $16.40

For more information, call Nutrition Services at 620-615-5580. Meal kits are subject to change, based on availability of products.