HMS at Allen staff

After an hour-long presentation to the Kansas State Department of Education with ESSDACK looking on Friday (Dec. 11, 2020), Hutchinson Magnet School at Allen learned that all systems were “go” and they were cleared for liftoff for redesign.

To use KSDE parlance, HMS at Allen received the go ahead for a “launch” of its redesign.

In a process that began more than a year ago, the magnet school has been working with students, parents and the community on school redesign. The district’s only magnet school is an Apollo redesign school and spent the 2019-20 year working on what redesign would look like.

Hutchinson Magnet School at Allen began its life as a traditional magnet school in the old Roosevelt Elementary School in the 1990s. When Roosevelt closed, the concept was moved to Allen Elementary. After a couple years of work, the traditional magnet school converted to a STEM magnet school during the 2012-13 school year.

The school is open to all elementary students in the district via an application process.

Hutchinson Magnet School at Allen joins Wiley Elementary as the first two schools in the district to be approved for redesign. The Kansas State Board of Education will formally act on the magnet school’s launch status at its January meeting.