Prepping for Salt Museum Tour

What do you do for Kansas Day when a pandemic won’t let you take large groups of students to events?

You hold virtual tours.

On Kansas Day, Jan. 29, Hutchinson Public Schools in conjunction with Wichita USD 259 and other districts in the state will be hosting virtual field trips from around Kansas.

Spearheading the effort locally is Wiley Elementary School and the district’s technology staff. Last week, staff members toured Strataca, the underground salt museum, and Dillon Nature Center, taking video and working on the technology needed to live stream from those venues on Jan. 29. Kansas Day tours also will take place locally at the Cosmosphere.

When the day comes, students in school and at home from all over the state will be able to attend virtual tours of historic and sites of statewide interest during the day. The sites will be streamed live with additional video available as well. The district will share the live link on its Facebook page when it becomes available.