USD 308 Parents and Families,

We have prepared a video update for you as well as the data below. The video is available at

We continue to see some positive information and trends.

USD 308 remains in the red gating criteria zone, but we are close to the orange zone. As of Jan. 31, the 14-Day PTR is 17.4 percent and the 14-day new case count is 291 cases. We will continue the modified hybrid attendance plan for the week of Feb. 8.

Our medical advisors have let us know it is too early to start decreasing mitigation measures. Please be intentional with all day-to-day activities, avoid gatherings of more than 10 people, social distance by more than 6 feet, wash hands frequently, wear a mask and stay home when you are sick. 

I continue to encourage everyone that lives in Reno County to be tested at the Free Community Testing Events. Log on to for more information and directions as to how to sign up. Health Order 21-01 has been put into place, to extend Amended Health Order 20-05. The order limits mass gatherings to 10 people, this does not include public and private business/school functions. However, social distancing of more than 6 feet is highly recommended at work and mandated at sporting events and social functions. A community effort is needed to decrease the COVID-19 cases in Reno County and get our kids to in-person school settings. A mask mandate is in place by Governor Kelly, and Reno County follows this mandate.


Mike Folks, Superintendent 

Hutchinson USD 308