We’re excited, and we hope you are too.

Mark Monday, February 15, on your calendar.

Our community positive test rate has dropped significantly as has our new case count in Reno County. Even closer to home in USD 308, only 0.165 percent of students and staff – 7 total cases – were positive for Covid last week.

The CDC has come out with a report that supports students to return to school. It has been recommended to the Kansas State Board of Education for approval to modify their Navigating Change document. 

When the day dawns on Monday, February 15, our school doors will open to all students, except for those who have opted to learn remotely all year. What does that mean?

Before school each day, we are asking parents to check temperatures and how their students feel. If students are sick, please keep them home and call us to let us know.

Once they arrive at school, we’re asking everyone to wear masks. We will be taking temperatures at the door. We expect students and staff to exercise social distancing as much as possible. We ask students to follow the lead of teachers during the day for guidance and help wipe down surfaces as asked.

We can’t emphasize the wearing of masks enough at school and while in public.

To quote a few lines from John Sebastian’s popular 1970s theme song for “Welcome Back Kotter”:

“Welcome back “We always could spot a friend “Welcome back”