On October 21, 2022, Hutchinson Middle School-7 Principal and Hutchinson Police Department seized a gun from a student entering school for the day.  Through proper reporting and people speaking up, Mr. Henry, Principal, was able to have police presence at the school when the student entered. The gun has been confiscated by police, and the student is in police custody.  Classes at HMS7 were in a lockdown for a short period of time this morning, and all students and staff are safe.  We thank the individuals who spoke up to report the concern and bring it to the attention of the principal, and we appreciate Mr. Henry being proactive and working with Hutch PD to keep our students and community safe.

 In our attempt to send the message out to staff, parents, and the community, we were made aware that we needed to specify our communications channels, and we apologize if any students received the message. Thank you for your ongoing support of our schools. 

Dr. Dawn M. Johnson, Superintendent